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Facta Medica

The Facta Medica Ltd. publishing house, based in Brno, Czech Republic, was founded in 2008 by Dr. Boris Skalka, Dr. Eliška Skalková, and Assoc. Prof. Zdeněk Susa. The publishing house was founded with the aim of focusing on the publication of specialized literature from the field of medicine and health care - both periodical and non-periodical, but also medicine-related literature of fact and that of fiction. Since 2009 the publishing house has been represented by B. Skalka and E. Skalková. In the period 2008–2012 fourteen non-periodical publications have been released, of which the most important is a book released in cooperation with Grada Publishing in 2011: Souček M (ed), Internal Medicine 1–3, 1,788 p. (176 authors). Three journals have been published by Facta Medica since 2012: Practical Gynaecology (volume 16), indexed in research databases, Forum diabetologicum (volume 1), guaranteed by the Slovak Society of Diabetology and Slovak Society of Internal Medicine, and MEFANET Report (volume 5).

Philosophy of the publishing house is based on a general idea that “book is a work of art, not just a product”. Therefore, all released publications are prepared in a close and conscientious cooperation between authors/editors and the editorial office. The publishing house prefers the quality of released publications to their quantity. The authors and publications are selected with respect to their overall quality and merits to the readership.

The scientific standards are guaranteed by the publishing house’s Scientific Board, whose members are listed below:

  • prof. Josef Bednařík, MD, PhD, neurology
  • assoc. prof. Igor Crha, MD, PhD, gynaecology and obstetrics
  • prof. Richard Češka, MD, PhD, internal medicine – metabolism
  • prof. Eva Češková, MD, PhD, psychiatry
  • prof. Petr Dítě, MD, PhD, gastroenterology
  • prof. Andrej Dukát, MD, PhD, internal medicine
  • prof. Jindřich Fínek, MD, PhD, oncology
  • prof. Petr Husa, MD, PhD, infectology
  • prof. Václav Monhart, MD, PhD, nephrology
  • prof. Marián Mokáň, MD, PhD,  FRCP Edin diabetology
  • prof. Miroslav Penka, MD, PhD, hematology
  • prof. Miroslav Souček, MD, PhD, internal medicine
  • prof. Jindřich, Špinar MD, PhD, FESC, cardiology
  • assoc. prof. Petra Tesařová, MD, PhD, oncology
Created by Institute of Biostatistics and Analyses, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University