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Your support is much appreciated so that we can keep the Mefanet Journal completely free of charge for readers and authors. Donations from authors, readers and supporters of the Mefanet Journal are optional, helping to fund the running costs of the journal. Donations from authors do not influence the review process in any way. Nevertheless, if your paper is accepted and accompanied by a donation*, we will make maximum effort to publish your paper without any further delay in the next issue of the Mefanet Journal.

Payment options

A. Wire transfer

Full legal name: Institut biostatistiky a analýz, s.r.o.
Company Registration/Charity No: 02784114
Vat Registration No: CZ02784114
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Czech Republic
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B. Online card payment

This payment option will be available soon.



*There are no fixed rates for donations. Nevertheless, for your guidance, the recommended donation might be 100 EUR per published paper.

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