MEFANET journal

About the journal

The MEFANET Journal (Mefanet J) is intended to present within a single forum all of the developments in the field of medical informatics, medical education, e-learning and thereby promote the synergism among these disciplines. The journal is the premier vehicle for disseminating information about MEdical FAculties NETwork, which covers all Czech and Slovak medical faculties.

The journal enables medical teachers and scientists to share and disseminate evidence demonstrating the actual practice in on-line education in medicine and healthcare sciences by focusing on:

  • research in medical educational informatics and learning analytics
  • applications of medical informatics into education
  • design, usage and results of novel e-learning tools and innovative pedagogical methods in medical teaching and learning
  • other interdisciplinary topics related to information and communication technology in medical education

The MEFANET Journal is open-access.

MEFANET Journal, ISSN 1805-9163 (print)
MEFANET Journal, ISSN 1805-9171 (online)
Formerly published as MEFANET Report, ISSN 1804-2961.

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